About BowlArena Lanes

The first “Bowlarena” was born when Roger Douglas and a few of his Marine Corps buddies wanted a recreational facility of some kind. The group pooled their resources and opened an eight-lane bowling center on LeJeune Blvd. in December , 1955. It was located across from Tarawa Terrace. Mr. Douglas did not re-enlist and got out of the Marine Corps to operate the bowling center, with the help of his wife Rosemary. Due to an electrical fire, the business burned completely to the ground on May, 1960.

Approximately one year later, on May 27, 1961, the next “Bowlarena” was opened about a mile away also on LeJeune Boulevard. The bowling center doubled in size and had sixteen lanes. The “Bowlarena” was in operation at this location for eighteen years.

Business was good, the facilities were getting old, so it was time for bigger and better things. Again, the “Bowlarena” moved and doubled in size in 1979 to thirty-two lanes. The “Bowlarena” as it is still know today is on Western Boulevard. Upon Mr. and Mrs. Douglas’s death, the “Bowlarena” is being operated by the next generation of the Douglas family.

The “Bowlarena” was founded by Roger and Rosemary Douglas as a family oriented business where it continues to be a “family friendly” bowling center today… a place where you can have fun with your children and spouse as well as your adult friends. The BowlArena’s leagues today consist of bowlers from age three to eight-five. Bowling is truly a sport for all ages!